Our Story

Making the most of nap time, one stitch at a time

I have been crafting with yarn since my Aunt taught me when I was seven years old. Since becoming a stay at home mother to a magnificent little girl, I have become more creative with how to spend my time while she naps (usually on my lap)! I started making fun hats for her, and the response and interest in them has been outstanding. Thus, Counting Crafty Sheep was born. Thank my husband for the name…

I enjoy crafting fun home decor, accessories, clothing, toys, and gifts for all occasions.

Having trouble finding the perfect gift? Explore my themed Pinterest boards to get inspired orĀ send me an email and I will work with you to create the blanket/stuffed creature/hat/pillow case of your dreams!

Now, back to Counting Crafty…what stitch was I on?