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Featured Pattern: Lightweight + Easy Crochet Shrug by Make & Do Crew

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I’m back again! I know, I know, I am taking forever to add posts. This is life with a toddler…(as I was writing this she was climbing all over the couch, dumped her water bottle on the floor, and the dog jumped on my laptop.)

Though I may not have been writing, I have been making and designing, so I have a bunch of new projects to share with you. First up, another pattern by Make & Do Crew. Seriously, how great is her blog? You will likely end up seeing quite a few posts about her patterns. That is because they are so easy and so fun to work up.

So, who is ready for the perfect crochet fall sweater?!

Lightweight & Easy Crochet Shrug

Ok, so this pattern is fantastic, and I only made a couple of minor changes to my final product. Anyone, even the newest of the new to crochet, can make this unbelievably cozy shrug. That said, be ready to do a lot of the same stitch, and queue up something addicting on Netflix, because this sweater did take me a good amount of time. Fortunately, I was a passenger on a ten hour car ride from Michigan, so time was plentiful!

The sweater itself is so roomy and so comfortable that I renamed it for my shop. Find it there as the Cozy Cocoon Blanket Sweater. While I don’t want to say one size fits all, one size will certainly fit most.

I made the smaller size featured in the blog, but she gives instructions for a larger size and it is a really easy pattern to adapt to fit any body.

What did I do differently?

As I said, very little. My first change was in the yarn. I wasn’t able to find the type featured in the pattern, so I went with the Studio Stitch by Nicole, Heather yarn sold at AC Moore. I love this yarn because the heathered coloring gives your projects beautiful depth, making it look like you spent a lot of money on fancy materials. Not only is this yarn affordable and easy to work with, after washing the result is a super soft, super cozy, fabric.

My second, and probably more significant change, was in the sleeve width. The original pattern calls for a more snug fit to the sleeves, but I prefer a wider more billowy feel to my sweaters so I made sure there would be lots of room around the arms. I also added in a strip of color around the sleeve openings, just to tie in the accent color a little more.

There you have it! My model lamented putting this sweater on because she loved it so much, and I already have a request in for one as a Christmas present. I also have one available, ready to ship, in my Etsy shop in heathered black and forest green. I will gladly make more in any color.

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