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Featured Blog: Easy Triangle Wrap by Mama in a Stitch

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Finally! A knitting post! I know, I took a while. But here it is. I am starting to try and branch out a little more and challenge myself with fresh stitches, techniques, and projects. So I give you, the Easy Triangle Wrap by Mama in a Stitch for my next featured blog post.

Mama in a Stitch is another one of my absolute favorite fiber craft bloggers. I will be sharing a list of my favorites very soon, not to worry. Her designs are always modern, casual, and comfortable. Which is everything I am looking for in a crochet or knitting project.

When I saw her post about this knit triangle wrap, I knew it had to be the first knitting project I brought to my own blog. The title does not disappoint. This wrap (ok, scarf) was super easy and really satisfying to work up. The best part was that I learned a new skill. I am much more of a novice when it comes to knitting, so this was actually my first time working with drop stitches. What a great way to add drama to your knitting! I loved this pattern, or as she calls it “recipe,” since it was really easy to adapt to my own preferences, much like I do in cooking.

When I started working this up, I found that the spacing she recommends wasn’t quite giving me the result I was looking to achieve. So, I decided to wing it. I didn’t really follow any specific set of self imposed guidelines, rhyme, or reason, as I chose which stitch to use in the next row. All I knew for sure was that I wanted to be consistent in using either the garter stitch or stockinette, not a mixture of the two.


Through trial and error, I ended up actually doing two different sizes of drop stitch. I am still not sure which one is correct according to the pattern, but I love the effect it created, so I varied what I refer to in my head as the single drop stitch and double drop stitch throughout. The only difference between the two being how many times you wrap the yarn around the needle before moving on to the next stitch (once or twice). The other issue of technique I need to look into is wether it is best to wrap before you insert the needle into the stitch or after, I will get back to you all on that one.

Whichever method is correct, the result was this fantastic scarf that I lovingly call my Knit or Knot Whimsy Triangle Scarf. I used Caron Baby Cakes yarn to make this bad boy, and boy is it soft! How great is the cake yarn fad? The color changes were perfect or this project, and I can’t wait to work up a couple more. If I would have continued to follow the pattern, I would have needed two of these baby cakes, but instead I stopped with one, and added buttons to the back of the scarf. I semi-strategically placed a row using the self-titled single drop stitch and used that as my button holes. This makes the scarf really easy to adjust to be tighter or looser depending on your preference. I love the result!

I called this scarf the Knit or Knot Whimsy Triangle Scarf because adding a knot to the bottom gives it a slightly different look, making it even more fun and versatile. This scarf is available now in my Etsy shop, and I can always make another using different colors. Since I followed my whims, no two of these scarves will look exactly the same, so you are guaranteed to get a truly unique piece.

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