My Crafty World

Welcome to the Counting Crafty Sheep blog! Here you will find patterns curated to reflect a modern vintage style. I plan to use this space to showcase some of my favorite designs, designers, and items I have made from patterns available around the web (including the occasional original pattern or two).

My main goal when starting Counting Crafty Sheep was to create apparel, toys, and accessories for children that didn’t adhere to traditional Western gender boundaries. While that is still a big part of what I hope to do, I have discovered that I enjoy crafting home decor, apparel, and all sort of odds and ends. This blog will reflect those interests, and I hope it will help inspire you to explore what makes you feel crafty.

So, who am I and what am I doing here? When my daughter was born, I found I had a lot of down time as she napped since she insisted on napping on me. I started making fun hats for her which drew so much attention I decided to try and turn my love of fiber crafting into a home business.

Primarily, I am a maker. Some knitting, mostly crochet, the occasional side project may pop up. I dabble here and there with design, but for the most part, I utilize patterns published by others for the things I create. Much like with my cooking, some of them become guidelines, more than patterns, and I may stray a bit from the original design. Each item featured on the blog will include a link to the pattern (some free, some not), images of my finished item, notes on the process of making the item, and a link to my Etsy shop where completed pieces are available for purchase.

In addition to selling completed items, I also accept custom orders. In some cases, the Etsy shop will include listings for you to order something tailored to your specifications. Additionally, completed items will also be offered at the Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites gift shops. A portion of the proceeds from any item purchased in one of the museum shops supports the preservation of 20 buildings in the National Historic Landmark District of Historic Moravian Bethlehem.

If at any time, you have questions about a pattern, please reach out to me via email: Please also sign up for my e-blast to be notified when new patterns are posted, as well as to keep up on tips and tricks I learn along the way. I will also share to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I have a number of Pinterest boards, so please be sure to follow me there as well. It is a great place to search for custom order ideas, and for DIY crafts you can do on your own.

Every time you share the world of Counting Crafty Sheep with your friends, you are helping me grow my business. For that, I thank you!

—Stay Crafty—